Keep Your Family Safe from Electrical Shocks and Injuries with Outlet Covers

One of the top baby proofing items to purchase are outlet covers. Since 70% of the human body is made of water, we are excellent conductors of electricity. Thousands of deaths and injuries each year to babies come from unprotected outlets and children playing around with them. There are many different types of plug in covers that can be purchased and installed yourself. These quick solutions are sure to be a big impact on your child’s safety around the house as they learn to move around and explore.

press in outlet coversFor a higher quality cover, there are “press in” outlet covers that are more difficult for babies to take off. They are, however, more of a hassle to remove and replace, so be sure to take the extra time to do so. Also consider using these for outlets closer to the ground that are not used as much.

Sliding plate covers are a whole new outlet makeover but will ensure no accidents with kids playing around with toys or fingers near outlets. They replace your current outlet covers and slide to cover the unused outlet. They are only open when used, but then is protected by the cord. Be careful with these, though, to not bend your cords when putting them into the outlet as it is a tight squeeze.

If you have outlets that are used by something all of the time, such as a lamp or television, consider moving your furniture in front of the outlet to cover the plug in that is not being used. sliding plate outlet coversThis eliminates the cost of simple outlet covers as well as the fear of them being pulled off.

Despite which option you choose for protecting your children from outlets, know that the time and investment in purchasing and utilizing is worth the simplicity of an accident regarding outlets. Also, be sure to educate your little ones on the dangers, preventing their curious minds from playing with them.

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