Breaker Panels

Most people don’t pay any attention to their breakers unless they blow a fuse. But if your home is still using a fuse box, there are hidden dangers lurking in your home. Do you live in one of the many Twin Cities metro area homes built before 1970? If so, it’s time to upgrade from a fuse box to a circuit breaker panel.

Why are fuse boxes dangerous?

outdated fuse boxUsing an old fuse box makes your home 3 times more likely to have a fire. Fuse boxes installed before 1970 aren’t equipped to handle the demands of today’s average household. Think back even just 40 years ago – where the typical home only had a fridge, a TV, a washer/dryer, water heater and HVAC unit to contend with. Now, your electrical system needs to handle all that plus the microwave, multiple TVs, computer, entertainment system, dishwasher, etc. that most modern homes use. All of these zap away electricity and use more volts than your fuse box was designed to handle.

To add to the problem, many homeowners use fuses that are too large for the wires to prevent the fuse from blowing. Unfortunately, this leads to a greater risk of fire. If too much electricity comes through your box at once and the fuses don’t blow, that means a fire could erupt.

If your fuse box is overtaxed, it’s not your fault – older homes just simply weren’t built to prepare for future electrical needs. But that means it’s time to update.

How do I upgrade to a circuit breaker panel?

breaker panelA breaker panel (also know as a circuit breaker panel), is the recommended replacement for the old, outdated fuse box found in many older homes.

How easily your electrical system can be updated varies from house to house. At Affordable Electric, we specialize in older homes and circuit breaker panel installations. We’ll come to your home and let you know the next steps for updating. Check out our Before & After gallery to see how we helped other Twin Cities homeowners.

If your home has a fuse box, don’t wait. Get a quote today for a safer home.