Code Compliance

Ensuring that your home’s electrical system is up to code is important – not only for compliance, but also for safety. This is especially vital for people who live in older homes in the Twin Cities area.

Why should I care if my house is up to code?

singed outletOver the last several years, the Minnesota state legislature and local governments have enacted several laws on the safety and efficiency of electrical systems. However, many homeowners – especially those in older homes – were grandfathered in under earlier versions of those laws. This means that there is no legal requirement to bring homes up to code unless repairs or renovations are being made, or the home is being sold to new owners who uncover the code violations in the new home inspection.

Certainly, being required to renovate your home every time a code is updated would be extremely time-consuming and expensive. But keep in mind that these codes are enacted for your protection. If your home doesn’t comply with the electrical code, the electrical system may be significantly outdated, and it could be putting your home and family at risk of electrical outages, fires or other dangerous electrical emergencies.

How do I get my house up to code?

There are a few critical areas to target when inspecting your home for code compliance issues. Bathrooms and kitchens top the list because of their heavy electrical usage combined with factors like moisture and large appliances. Wiring is another likely cause of code compliance issues – many older homes have aluminum wiring, which is unsafe and should be updated.

Code compliance is one instance in which it pays to act proactively. By hiring an Affordable Electric electrician to perform a full inspection and issue recommendations for bringing your home up to code, you’re taking an important step toward making your home as safe as possible.

If your Twin Cities home is on the older side and you purchased it more than five years ago, or you simply think that your home may not be up to code, call Affordable Electric to inspect your home and help you get it up to code.

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