Keep Your Family Safe with Updated GFCI Outlets

Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) outlets are important to create a safe environment in your home. They protect you from any dangers of utilizing outlets near water supplies such as sinks or outdoor surfaces. GFCI receptacles constantly monitor any electrical circuit that is connected to it.

A ground fault is a conducting connection, both intentional and accidental, between an electric conductor and conducting material that is grounded or may become grounded. Electricity likes to find a path to the ground, but when it does it is unwelcome and may become in contact with a person.

If a GFCI outlet detects even a slight flow of electricity to a grounded item, it immediately shuts off the flow of electricity. This is a safety measure, as the flow of electricity may have found its way through water or a person. This protects people from electrocution. If one’s body starts to receive a shock, the GFCI senses that and cuts all power connected before any injuries occur.

Garages, bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens are the main locations in your home that is required to have GFCI outlets. Generally, they replace your regularly installed outlets that supply electricity for appliances or power tools that may become in contact with water. You will usually see these near kitchen and bathroom sinks. These are then used as a replacement for standard circuit breakers and provide GFCI protection to all receptacles in that individual circuit.

Be sure to test each one monthly, to make sure that they are operating properly. To test, simply plug in a lamp, the easiest item to utilize to test. Turn the lamp on, to make sure that the lamp itself is working properly. With the light on, push in the “test” button on your GFCI outlet. This should trip the outlet and turn the light off. If the lamp does not turn off, the circuit may be faulty or installed improperly. Once you have tested the outlet and the lamp has turned off, push in the “reset” button and the lamp should turn back on.

With these new installations and updates, you can be sure that your home is safer for you and your family. If there are any problems, contact us for assistance.