The Importance of a Pre-Sale Electrical Inspection of Your Home

Some homeowners and even real estate agents are of the assumption it’s the buyer’s responsibility to have the home they intend to purchase inspected by a reputable home inspector. However, any homeowner who has their property listed for sale should have the home inspected. One part of the home inspection not to be skipped is its electrical system.

Safety Above All

While you may not have noticed any problems with the electricity in your home, there may be an issue you aren’t aware of. Most homeowners aren’t aware of what to look for, such as charred wiring, and don’t have the tools to check if a wire is “hot” or not. A hot wire has a direct current to it. 

There are two reasons why a detailed inspection of your home’s electrical system is important. 1) You may decide not to sell the home at some point, and you need to know the issues that should be fixed. 2) If you sell the home to someone else, you will either need to disclose the wiring issues to them or make repairs before signing paperwork. By law, you have to disclose issues you find via an inspection, but you also want the new homeowners to be safe. 

Upgrading to Modern Standards

During an electrical system inspection of a home you intend to sell, there may be no current problems, but you will likely realize some out-of-date electrical items or wiring. Electrical codes are updated often, based on newer and safer technology. If there are no safety issues with the electric in the home you plan to sell, it may be okay to leave it as is. A newly upgraded electrical system can keep the buyer from having to go through the inconvenience, not to mention the cost. This can raise your asking price considerably.

Understanding the Buyer’s Needs

Safety problems need to be addressed before a sale can go through. However, if the electrical system is okay but outdated, you have some thinking to do. The best option is to talk to the realtors of any prospective buyers and ask them whether they would be willing to pay more if you invested more in a new electrical system for the house. A new electrical system means the new owners can utilize all their new technology, smart-home integrations and more, without having to invest right away in the home.

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, whether in six weeks or six months, call Affordable Electric. We can come out and inspect the electrical system in your home to make sure it’s ready for a sale. If it isn’t, we can make necessary repairs and upgrades so it is. We might even make your home better than brand new, so making that decision to put it on the market might be a little harder. Call us today at 612-331-VOLT!