Tips for Working at Home - Home Office Lighting

Home office lighting installations have become increasingly popular due to the fact that many people now work from home. If this applies to you, you may find the tips below helpful. Daylight Control This form of light often gets neglected when developing a lighting layout. You may have chosen a room of your house for an office for the very reason that you love the natural light shining through the windows, only to find out that it causes a distracting glare on your computer screen.

Avoid eye fatigue an office that has uniform light all around such as fluorescent parabolic lighting will cause eye fatigue. The eye is continually searching for the brightest spot. Too much uniformity can force your eyes to continually bounce around without you even noticing. This can give you headaches and make you tired at the end of the day.

Create light dimension by using a combination of floor lamps, recessed lighting and maybe even a sconce or two. Light Color Mix up the bulbs. Different bulbs give off different types of light. A halogen lamp gives off a blue-white light while an incandescent lamp appears more yellowish.

You can also purchase a certain type of bulb that uses 20 high brightness LED’s to produce a soft soothing light that continuously changes color. It cycles through white, blue-green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and back to white. The cycle repeats about every 30 seconds. It's a great conversation starter!

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